My mission is to tell stories for people that are too afraid and/or unable to tell it for themselves and make sure it becomes a part of history.

Imagine a shy, sensitive black woman that is forced by society to fit into the tough mold of a “strong black woman.” Now, imagine a black man who is trained to mute his feelings and act like they never existed in the first place. They cry, bleed, and love just as loud, red, and proud as every other human; but due to the nature of society they are trapped inside of a rigid box they cannot escape. Their history deserves to be recorded, their feelings deserve validity.

Before humans could speak, we could communicate with each other; there was something truly sincere about those ages. Often, the use of verbal language can be misconstrued and interpreted in many ways; that draws away from the person’s true intentions and ends up with messy human connection.

I chose dance as my artistic medium because it is pure. I personally express myself through acts of service, not words, so choreography is my world language. I love the raw and unfiltered nature of the human body in its realest form, so I utilize that through dance as my act of emotional service work to mankind.

It all starts with a feeling; either a moment in time or a shocking revelation. I hear the music and then the story unfolds the moment I close my eyes. Movements, colors, phrases, and fabrics all dance around behind my eyelids; then when I am ready, I bring the story to the physical plane.

I create these stories by forcing myself out of my own comfort zone and personal space, then reaching that human layer of emotion inside. I ask myself hard questions: “How does this make you feel? How did this affect you? How will this continue to affect you? What am I going to do about it? What have I learned from this?” It takes deep moments of excavation to reach true creation.

My goal is to get people to connect with themselves and others, and to utilize technology to record both macro and micro history. By teaching, researching, and developing their own cultures and personal narratives, the progressive act of owning, recording, and documenting these cultures is left to thrive.

The world needs my dances so we won’t be scared to share, to be true to ourselves, and to learn from each other.

I idolize the cultural appreciation of Katherine Dunham, the emotional purity of Tessandra Chavez, and the human embrace of Bob Fosse. These are the choreographers that inspire my work.

I am passionate about expression, truth, and history; on a personal and archival level.

Unless you write your own story, someone else will write it for you.

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